Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bansko: Some breaking news for the 2010-2011 season

Bansko: Some breaking news for the 2010-2011 season

platoto: new 4-chair lift:

for beginners: replacement of 4-chair with 6-chair lift between bunderitsa and cart road (kolarski):

for kids: new magnetic security system GIZMODO on all kid chairs:

new electronic info points at Bunderitsa, Shiligarnik and Platoto:

the new trail map of Bansko:

2 new panorama cams (Chalin Valog and Platoto):

and my favourite:
no more long queues for ski-passes:

Monday, August 16, 2010

ArtMania - 14th August 2010

ArtMania - 14th August 2010
(Sibiu, Hermannstadt, Romania)

Sirenia (NOR)
Dark Tranquility (SWE)
Serj Tankian (ARM)
Other troops played at Music Pub and Flying Time: Tiarra (RO), Grimus (RO), Act (RO).

Sirenia started at about 17:00 local time. The band performed very well, Ailyn and Morten having an incredible appeal to the public and, thus, a good stage presentation.
Between the songs, they played: "my mind's eye", "the other side", "the last call", "the seventh summer", "path to decay", "sundown", "downfall", "meridian".

Then, Dark Tranquility continued at about 20:30. Even if they haven't got any female vocalist to the stage, the band performed incredible. A huge poster with "Dark Tranquility are our lethe" was helded by first line public. Mikael raised up the public with a lot of DT's songs like: "therein", "dream oblivion", "the fatalist", "the lesser faith", "misery's crown", "inside the particle storm", "the wonders at your feet", "final resistance", "lost to apathy", "punish my heaven". The public reacted especially at "therein", "the lesser faith", "misery's crown". DT ended with "terminus (where death is most alive)", which I consider the proper song DT can end a stage presentation. DT had not enough time to perform all their hits, but even so, I consider they had the best stage presentation at ArtMania festival.

Serj Tankian (ex System of a Down - SOAD) ended the show at about 00:00. Between the songs: "lie lie lie", "praise the lord and pass the ammunition" ,"sky is over", "baby". He ended up with "empty walls", his most well known song after SOAD era. He also performed a new song titled "left of center" from his next album "imperfect harmonies", which release he announced to be in September this year. Even if Serj was well received by public, he probably needs about 2-3 new songs like "empty walls" in order to sustain a good stage presentation.


Dark Tranquility - Songs to listen:
The Gallery [1995] LP:
punish my heaven
the gallery
The Minds I [1997] LP:
insanity's crescendo
Projector [1999] LP:
Haven [2000] LP:
the wonders at your feet
Damage Done [2002] LP:
hours passed in exile
monochromatic stains
final resistance
Character [2005] LP:
lost to apathy
my negation
am i 1 ?
Fiction [2007] LP (I consider this album a masterpiece):
terminus (where death is most alive)
misery's crown
the lesser faith
the mundane and the magic
inside the particle storm
focus shift
We Are the Void [2010] LP:
dream oblivion
at the point of ignition
the fatalist

My favourite DT's songs (in this order):
misery's crown,
the lesser faith,
the wonders at your feet,
the mundane and the magic,
monochromatic stains,
insanity's crescendo.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Transfagarasan Alpine Road Trip

Transfagarasan Alpine Road Trip
(July 2010)

So, after several attempts and plans to start this journey, we finally did it !
Why so ? Because, being an alpine road, Transfagarasan is opened for public only 3 months a year and many of our weekends where fulfilled with other things.

Tranfagarasan = prefix "trans" + "Fagaras" - it is probably the most spectacular road from Romania; called also "drumul din nori" ("the clouds road"), it links the historical romanian regions of Muntenia and Transilvania, over the Fagaras Mountains, Meridional Carpathians.
With a total length of 151 km and denoted as DN7C road, the Transfagarasan road starts in Bascov locality (Arges county) and ends at Cartisoara locality (Sibiu county); the total length of road curves measures 91 km.
The Transfagarasan was build between 1970 - 1974 by Ceausescu, as a strategic road over Fagaras Mountains.

Road Map of Tranfagarasan

From South to North, the first segment of Transfagarasan starts with the Vidraru Hydropower from the Cetatuia massive. The massive takes this name ("Cetatuia" = citadel), because nearest the hydropower we may see the Poenari Citadel, built between the 13-th and 15-th centuries and finalized by prince Vlad Tepes. The access to Poenari Citadel is made via 1480 stairs way.

Cetatea Poenari (Poenari Citadel)

Then, Transfagarasan climbs via serpentines and viaducts to the Vidraru Dam which at the build time was the 8-th hydroenergetical dam from Europe.
Viaduct to Vidraru Dam

Way to Vidraru Dam

Vidraru Dam - View from bottom

Located between Fruntii mountains and the Ghisu massive, the lake formed by Vidraru Dam gathers the rivers of Capra, Buda, Doamnei, Cernat and Topolog and unifies them together with Arges river.

Vidraru Lake - View from Vidraru Dam

The total flow raises to 5.5 m3/s.

Vidraru Lake and Dam

Vidraru Dam - View from Dam

Vidraru Dam - View to the Bottom

Vidraru Dam - For your stamp collection

The total surface is approx 900 ha with a length of 10.5 km, a maximum width of 2.2 km and a circumference of 28 km.

Electricity Symbol of Vidraru Dam

The maximum depth is 155 m, near the dam which has a height of 166 m and a length of 310 m. A stop here is mandatory.

Then the way follows the Vidraru lake to the north and passes abundant forests.

 South part view of Fagaras Mountains

 South part view of Fagaras Mountains

South part view of Fagaras Mountains

South part view of Fagaras Mountains
South part view of Fagaras Mountains

The road starts to climb to the Capra Waterfall, located also in the south part of Transfagarasan.

 South part view of Transfagarasan

 South part view of Transfagarasan

 South part view of Transfagarasan

Side view of Capra Waterfall

Top view of Capra Waterfall

South view to top of Fagaras Mountains
 South view to top of Fagaras Mountains

The road passes the highest peaks of Fagaras Mountains via a 887 m tunnel that links the south and north parts of Transfagarasan.

View to the tunnel that links South and North of Transfagarasan

After the tunnel, it follows the "Golul Alpin" (Alpin Hole) reservation, near the glacial lake Balea, where another stop is mandatory.

North view to top of Fagaras Mountains

Balea glacial lake

Surroundings of Balea glacial lake

Surroundings of Balea glacial lake

Near Balea glacial lake you may see here spectacular images with the north part of Transfagarasan.

Spectacular north view of Transfagarasan

After wondering on these images, the fog and cold came down to Fagaras Mountains.

Fog over Transfagarasan

Fog over Balea glacial lake

So, we made plans to follow the north side of Transfagarasan road which downs to the Balea Waterfall which has a length of 68 m at an altitude of about 1230 m.

North part view of Transfagarasan

North part view of Transfagarasan

North part view of Transfagarasan

North part view of Transfagarasan

North part view of Transfagarasan

North part view of Transfagarasan

Top View of Balea Waterfall 

Small waterfall at the base of Balea Waterfall

Transfagarasan ends in serpentines at Cartisoara, where it  meets the E68 road, between Brasov and Sibiu cities.

All these resulted in an unforgetable trip.