Thursday, September 6, 2012

Italia - Dolomiti, Cortina - Faloria - Sorapis, 1-day Track

Short Briefing
The Dolomites hiking trails are clear and very well maintained, being marked at each 100m with red-white bands. At the starting points and at the intersections, beside the red-white bands, the paths are numbered and wooden path indicators are present. Practically, it is impossible to loose the path if you have a trail map, which may be obtained for free at any info centre in Dolomites. The maps can also be found at souvenir shops for aprox 2 eur, or you can bring your own listed maps from the net :)
For about 5 eur, you can buy the Dolomiti Passport (a green or blue scrapbook) that you may stamp at any "rifugio" on the mountain.

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 Track Map

Elevation Curve

Track Description
The track difficulty is easy to medium, taking into account that it starts from Faloria Cablecar Station. The length is of about 17km that may be walked in 10 hours, so the recommendation is to be followed in summer (july, august, september). We took this cablecar from Cortina (alt. 1230m) to Faloria (alt. 2100m) and we paid 13 euro per person only for one way up. The cablecar has an intermediate station at Mandres (alt. 1500m). When arrived to Faloria, do not forget to make beautiful panoramic photos with Cortina and around.
The 223 path climbs from Faloria to Rifugio Tondi (alt. 2343m), where you may drink a tea or coffee whilst you shot great views all around the mountain. Just accross the valley, the Cristallo mountain area is opening its great view - one of the most beautiful of Dolomites. The 223 path passes a beautiful rocky landscape until the Forcella Faloria (alt. 2300m) where it intersects the 215 path.
Then, following the same 223, the way easy climbs and lowers besides the Ciadin del Loudo rocks on the right, until it reaches the base of Forcella Marcuoira (alt. 2300m); we have climbed to Forcella Marcuoira, as it is right next to the main track. After the intersection of 223 and 216, the track starts to climb via chains to pass the mountain to Sorapis Lake. The path lowers until you reach Sorapis lake; the lake is renowned for its  beautiful blue-green lighten water color; immediately near Sorapis there is the Rifugio Vandelli, where we stamped the Dolomiti Pass. From Vandelli, you follow the 215 path, which climbs 1km and then lowers via forest to Passo Tre Croci (alt. 1800m). From Tre Croci you follow the road to Rio Gere, which is easy to find, as there are several ski cable installations; also, from Rio Gere, you may climb to Cristallo, but this was not our track. We walk the road until the intersection with 206 path that we followed by turning left. The 206 track is levelled and goes to Mandres, where you'll find beautiful views to the left - Faloria rocky landcape and peak and to the right you may shot panoramas with Cortina. From Mandres to Cortina there are several tracks and forestry roads (210, 220 paths, aso); we followed 220 back to Cortina.


Next, images I shot on this track:

 Cortina seen from Faloria cable car

 Faloria seen from cable car

  The Cortina valley seen from Rifugio Faloria

 Various wooden indicators at Faloria

 Climbing to Rifugio Tondi
 View from Tondi to Faloria and Cortina valley
(ski slopes in summer)
 Rifugio Tondi
 View from Rifugio Tondi
 View from Rifugio Tondi
  View from Rifugio Tondi
(the 223 path)

Small chalet near Rifugio Tondi
View from Rifugio Tondi

 Forcella Faloria and 223 path
 View from 223 path, near Forcella Faloria

 View to Cristallo from 223 path
 Back-view to Tondi from 223 path

  View from 223 path to Ciadin del Loudo Peak

 View from 223 path to Tre Croci valley
Back-view from 223 path
Mountain pass between Forcella Marcuoira and Ciadin del Loudo Peak
View from Forcella Marcuoira to Val Bona valley
 Climbing to Forcella Marcuoira

  Forcella Marcuoira

 The chained part of 223 / 216 that passes besides the Ciadin del Loudo Peak
 View from 223 / 216 to Col Tondo

The chained part of 223 / 216 that passes besides the Ciadin del Loudo Peak
 Finally, we saw the Lake Sorapis...

 ... and of course, the Rifugio Vandelli
 Lake Sorapis
 Beautiful color of Lake Sorapis
Beautiful color of Lake Sorapis
 Beautiful color of Lake Sorapis
 Rifugio Vandelli
 Waterfall on Col Tondo, view from 215 path

 View from 215 path to Val Bona
 215 path from Vandelli to Tre Croci
Back-view to Marcuoira and Ciadin del Loudo area
 Waterfall lowers from Zimes de Marcuoira
View from 215 path to Corno ad Angolo Peak
Beautiful view of Dolomites from 215 path
Back-view to Zimes de Marcuoira
  ... and finally The Tre Croci with view to Cristallo

Rio Gere Restaurant with view to Cristallo
 Wooden bridges passing river on 206 path
 View from 206 to rocky landscape of Faloria
 206 path passing forest
 View to Cortina valley from 206 path
  206 path passing rock landscpae to Mandres



  1. This is really good. It's a big help for those, who go there.

    I have 2 question for you:
    How long does it take from Rif.Faloria to the lake?
    And do you know something about the part of path 215, which goes back to Rif.Faloria?

  2. hi Viktoria,
    If you follow my route, then from Faloria to Sorapis you will do about 3-4 hours - the track is excellent and you'll have what to see;

    Regarding the way back, by following track 215, then I know just this - exactly from the right of Sorapis you will have a medium to hard climbing. But, this is not the big problem here - the big problem I see is when you pass Ponta Negra, as I think is a Via Ferrata there (you see those crosses from the map)...

  3. Hello, very good your post! helps a lot! Do you know if there are guides or guided tours in Cortina sell by the Operators that makes this path? I´m going alone to Cortina and I´m a little afraid to do this all alone.


    1. Hello, unfortunately I don't know any guides there, but there was an Info point in the center of Cortina where you may ask; maybe they can give you a hint. As for Faloria, you don't have to be affraid, the tracks are very well marked, you cannot get lost there; ask for a map at the same info point and go trip ;)