Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Italia - Dolomiti, Cortina - Falzarego - Lagazuoi, 1-day Track (part one)

Short Briefing
The Dolomites hiking trails are clear and very well maintained, being marked at each 100m with red-white bands. At the starting points and at the intersections, beside the red-white bands, the paths are numbered and wooden path indicators are present. Practically, it is impossible to loose the path if you have a trail map, which may be obtained for free at any info centre in Dolomites, or in exchange for aprox 2 euro at any souvenirs shop.

Due to the amount of the pics I shot, I had to split this article in 2 parts, so this part refers mainly to Lagazuoi area and the WW1 museum.
The Passo Falzarego is located at about 15km west of Cortina d'Ampezzo and may be reached by car or bus. Whilst arriving to Falzarego you will have an road option by turning left to Cinque Torres area, but this was not our track.
We took this cablecar from Falzarego (alt. 1900m) to Lagazuoi (alt. 2700m) and we paid approx 11 euro per person only for one way up. When arrived to Lagazuoi, do not forget to make beautiful panoramic photos with Passo Falzarego, Lagazuoi and around. Also, we visited some galleries and tunnels digged by austro-hungarians in the World War 1. To visit these tunnels you will need headlamps or flashlights.

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Next, images I shot on this track:

On the way to Falzarego:

Rifugio Col Gallina

Passo Falzarego:


Tunnels below Rifugio Lagazuoi:

WW1 Museum:


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