Saturday, July 23, 2011

Romania, Banatului Mountains, Rudariei Watermills and Gorge, short briefing

Banatului Mountains are located in the Eastern Carpathians (or Romanian Carpathians), in the west part of Romania being part of Southern Romanian Carpathians; they are often associated with a subgroup of Western Romanian Carpathians. The region I refer is Almajului Mountains, which are located between the E70 european road (Baile Herculane) and DN57B (Anina, Oravita), at about 60km of Baile Herculane and 40km of Anina, in the Caras-Severin county.

Short Briefing
The Rudariei Watermills are located on the Rudariei Gorge, being developed at the beginning of the 20-es century by the Eftimie Murgu citizens.
There is a number of 22 watermills, most of them still functioning and being protected as Hystorical Monuments. Their mechanism may represent the origin of hydroelectrical power plants, as the water is pressurized with the help of a dam and is redirected via a water chanel under the watermill, where it engages a horizontal wheel system.
Localization Map

Way of access
By road: Timisoara -> Lugoj -> Resita -> Anina -> Bozovici -> Eftimie Murgu;
By road: Drobeta Tr Severin -> Orsova -> Baile Herculane -> Mehadia -> Iablanita -> Eftimie Murgu;


On the way to Rudariei Watermills

Welcome to Eftimie Murgu and Rudariei Watermills

 Eftimie Murgu view

Rudariei Watermills - Short briefing panel

"Firiz" Watermill

"Firiz" Watermill - Process Flow

"Firiz" Watermill - Horizontal Wheel System

"Batolea" Watermill

"Batolea" Watermill - Redirected Water Chanel

 "Indaratnica dintre ape" Watermill

 "Trailoanea" Watermill

 Water Dam to ease the water pressure

 "Viloanea" Watermill and its Water Dam

 "Rosoanea" Watermill and its Water Dam

 "De la tunel" Watermill

 View from Rudariei Gorge

 View from Rudariei Gorge

View from Rudariei Gorge

View from Rudariei Gorge


  1. I am going to the area next week. is the place accessible to cars? Are there signs or directions to get the exact place?

  2. Hi,
    the orange marked road you see in the image above (57B) is in good condition. You have to turn to "Eftimie Murgu" (road sign to village) from this road for about 8Km. I don't know from which direction you want to access the area, but you may open Google Maps and look for "Romania, Oravita" and you will see the 57B road. In Eftimie Murgu village the road is almost OK, I hope they repaired it, as they were still working when I was there.