Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bansko, March 2012 - back to

So, this is the 5th time at Bansko and it was almost the same sensation - great ski resort.


Next, some images:

 Bansko - view from base of Platoto track (2100m alt).

 Panoramic view from base of Platoto track (2100m alt)
(from left - 2 guys; Shiligarnik; Bansko; start points of 10 and 12 tracks)

Shiligarnik - view from base of Platoto track (2100m)
Panoramic view of Bunderitsa (1700m alt)
(from left - ski-road from Shiligarnik; 6-chair ski-lift to track 6; Tomba track; beginners track)

 Me, at 2600m

 Me, at 2600m
View to Bansko
(... and She, at 2600m)

She, taking a break at 2100m

 Panoramic view from 2600m with Todorka Peak (2746m)

 View to Todorka Cross (2650m)

 Panoramic view with Pirin Mountains
Vihren Peak ~2800m
(taken from 2600m)

Pirin Mountains
(taken from 2600m)

 Pirin Mountains
(taken from 2600m) 


  1. Some great photos, I really like the panoramic one of Bunderitsa.

  2. here are details regarding Bansko: