Sunday, March 17, 2013

Helloween and Gamma Ray - Arenele Romane, 16-03-2013

So, the Germans have arrived!

Helloween and Gamma Ray sustained a concert at Arenele Romane, Bucharest on 16 March, as being part of their european tour called "Hellish Rock Part 2".
The tour also promotes the Helloween latest album "Straight Out Of Hell" and Gamma Ray's "Master Of Confusion".
Also, the brasilian band Shadowside was invited in the openings of this concert.


The setlist

01.Anywhere in the Galaxy
02.Men, Martians and Machines
03.The Spirit
04.Gamma Ray (Birth Control cover)
05.Master of Confusion
06.Empire of the Undead
09.Future World (Helloween cover)
10.To the Metal
11.Send Me a Sign

01.Wanna Be God
03.Eagle Fly Free
04.Straight Out of Hell
05.Where the Sinners Go
06.Waiting for the Thunder
07.Steel Tormentor
08.Drum Solo
09.I'm Alive
10.Live Now!
11.Hold Me in Your Arms
12.Falling Higher
13.Hell Was Made in Heaven
15.Are You Metal?
16.Dr. Stein
17.Halloween / How Many Tears / Heavy Metal (Is the Law) (cu Kai Hansen)
18.I Want Out (with Gamma Ray)


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