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Austria - Hallstatt, Dachstein-Krippenstein (part one)

Hallstatt – Dachstein/Salzkammergut region was included in the exclusive list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1997. The committee justified its decision with the words: “The Alpine region of Hallstatt - Dachstein / Salzkammergut is an exceptional example of a natural landscape of unique beauty and particular scientific significance which also bears testimony to the ongoing human, scientific and cultural activity. This cultural landscape combines nature and culture in a harmonious and mutually supportive manner”.
The karstic zone formed by the glaciers and the salt fields of this area created the so called Hallstattian period of the Ice Age.

This post refers only to the trail track from Obertraun (alt. 609m) to the 1st Cable Car Station (Schonbergalm - alt. 1350m), which is a medium difficulty climbing path (approx 750m altitude difference on about 5-6km), but will post a second one with the Krippenstein Peak (alt. 2100m) and the whole Dachstein karstic area there.

Dachstein-Krippenstein Sommer Map


What to see at the 1st Dachstein Cable Car Station (Schonbergalm Station):
- the Mammuthohle (Mammott Cave): Mammuthohle;
- the Eishohle (Ice Cave): Eishohle;
- also, at the Eishohle, in some periods, there take place musical concerts: musical concerts in Eishohle;
- the Museum;
- the birthplace of WOM - the cave bear;
- the Adventure Track with balancing logs, gigantic ladders, the tree house, the avalanche shelter, aso;
- the Stone Animal Garden;


Next, images shot on July 2012:

 Krippenstein (to the right) seen from the Obertraun Cable Car Station
 Obertraun Cable Car Station

 Start path to Schonbergalm Station

 Ladders on the path to Schonbergalm Station

 Path to Schonbergalm Station

 Waterfall on the path to Schonbergalm Station

 Left View from
the path to Schonbergalm Station

 Another waterfall seen from
the path to Schonbergalm Station

 Path to Schonbergalm Station

 Path to Schonbergalm Station

  Downside view from
the path to Schonbergalm Station

 ... finally arrived to Schonbergalm area

 Schonbergalm Cable Car Station

 Schonbergalm Attractions Area Map

 Bibi Blocksberg bridge, unfortunately closed

 View to Obertraun

 Balancing logs and ladders
on the Adventure Track

 Tree House on the Adventure Track

 View of Schonbergalm area from Tree House
 View of Tree House from Schonbergalm area
 Chain protected path

 Explained View to Hallstatter See

 Panoramic view of Schonbergalm and Hallstatt

 To the Eishohle

 The cave of WOM bear

 Geological scale

 The Museum

 Inside the Museum

 Inside the Museum - Mammuthohle explained

 Painted image of the Dachstein Krippenstein
(found inside the Schonbergalm Station)

 On the way to Krippenstein (alt. 2100m),
this time by cable car ...


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