Saturday, July 20, 2013

Austria - Bad Aussee (Styria)

Located in Styria region, Bad Aussee is said to be the geographical midpoint of Austria, this being symbolized by a stone monument in the centre of town. Bad Aussee is located at the confluence of the three sources of the Traun River in the Ausseerland region.
Bad Aussee is unique within Austria as its inhabitants wear Tracht, or traditional dress, on a daily basis.
Bad Aussee's other major yearly event is the Narzissenfest (Narcissus Festival). Every spring, on the last weekend in May, participants construct massive floral sculptures made from daffodil blossoms, and parade them through town on large floats, accompanied by regional folk music.


images shot on July 2012:




 Traun River

 Bad Aussee Park

 Info Center

Basic Tracht,
as seen at Info Center

 Monument symbolizing center of Austria

 Mercedes Wheel
located at the Traun River confluence


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