Thursday, August 18, 2011

Romania, Cisnadioara (Michelsberg) Fortress and Church

Short briefing:
The Cisnadioara Church and Fortress is located at about 12km of Sibiu and 5 km of Cisnadie; it was built around the 12 and 13-th centuries on the Michelsberg (or Michelsdorf) hill; its construction is entirely of stone, providing 3 chambers which ensure an impressive acoustic, while the architecture is romanic, having an aspect of a basilica. Initially, the plans involved the construction of 2 towers, but the construction of them was stopped. Inside the basilica are placed commemorative plaques with the names of officers and soldiers German and Austro-Hungarians who fell in the autumn of 1916 in fighting around Sibiu. The plateau where basilica is built was surrounded by walls of stone, with height of 4-6 m and 2-3 m out inside.

Way of access:
by air: Sibiu (Hermannstadt), Romania;
by road: Sibiu -> DN 106A -> Cisnadioara;


 Entry to Cisnadioara Fortress
(at the bottom of Michelsberg Hill)

Climbing to the basilica

Entry to basilica from North
(at the top of Michelsberg Hill)

Basilica from front

Little tower in frontside (Northside)

Inside basilica

Briefing found inside




View of commemorative plaques

View of commemorative plaques

Cross inside

Window in the West walls

Door in the Westside

Door in the Westside

The Southside

Wall entry in the Westside

Fountain in the backyard

The backyard (Southside)

The Southside

View of the Southside entry

View to Cisnadie (Eastside)


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